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Advantages of Sublimation

  • Images are permanent and do not peel
  • Dye does not build up on the substrate
  • Colors can be extraordinarily brilliant due to the bonding of the dye to the fibers of the synthetic substrate
  • Truly continuous tones can be achieved that are equivalent to photographs.
  • The image can be transferred over the entire object.
  • The image is embedded into the substrate
  • The image is protected by the substrate
  • Selling prices can be 250-400% higher than for a standard RAL shade, so Decoration can lead to higher Profits
Decoration - powder coating specialties in Golden, CO
Powder Coating Specialties is an approved applicator for the Pixel emblazing process.
The Pixel Emblazing Process is a new process that uses heat to decorate a particular substrate (also known as powder coating). Emblazing is a word used to describe a new sublimation process that decorates powder coating without special equipment. This revolutionary emblazing process gives your customer a new easy and affordable way to add designs of almost anything to a substrate using powder coating. The possibilities are endless what you and pixel can do with the emblazing process.
Powder Coating Specialties, Inc. in Denver, CO licenses our process and sells printed media to licensed applicators to use in conjunction with their current powder coating oven. The process is simply done by applying printed media to a post cured and powder coated part. The part is then placed back into the oven to allow the surface temperature of the metal to reach 375° and to allow the dyes to transfer. The part is removed from the oven and the printed media is then discarded and removed from the part. The dyes that once resided on the printed media have migrated into the powder coat and now reside beneath the surface of the powder coating on the part. The finish and durability of the powder coating, on the newly printed part, retain all the properties that are associated with that powder.
The U.V. stability of the dyes are not rated for use as an outdoor product but are perfectly suitable for use on most if not all indoor products and applications. The Pixel Process has been the desired result of Pixel's founders from the beginning. They have been involved in dye sublimation for the past 12 years and have a patent on vacuum equipment that was developed for the dye sublimation market. The problem with dye sublimation has been that the equipment has always been a barrier to entry in to that market. Eliminating the barrier of expensive equipment has been the goal of Pixel since its inception 2 years ago. Pixel believes that its new innovative printed media will open significant opportunities for you as a powder coating shop as you implement the pixel process

Other sublimation processes require expensive sublimation equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as manufacturing warehouse space of over 2600 sq. feet. With pixel none of these barriers of entry exist. The pixel process is done in the powder coating oven we already own.
Pixel emblazing - powder coating specialties in Golden, CO

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