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Reviews in Denver, CO

★★★★★ Super fast work! They're amazing. I had them powder coat a piece of aerial equipment (think Cirque du Soleil and acrobatics in the air), which is a super random request. They delivered a beautifully done job promptly, efficiently, and reasonably priced. They were upfront with one issue they may encounter that was specific to my needs, in that they couldn't suspend the cube because it was welded completely together, and recommended they drill a small hole. I said of course, whatever they needed, and the hole they drilled was so small, subtle, and tastefully done I had to look over the cube twice to even find it. Well done!! Thank you!!!
- Cat C.
★★★★★ Fast, friendly, efficient, quality service for your powder coating needs.
- Bobby W.
★★★★★These guys are AMAZING!!! Fast, professional, helpful, and great work!!!
- Andrew H.
★★★★★ The best place to get stuff done. Quick and great work.
- Ben G.
★★★★★ Been working together for 15 years, I would never go anywhere else, EVER !
You guys are the BEST !
- Peter A.
★★★★★ Excellent work.. Finishing the race first.. very hardworking.. some men like the paulino and Inge... without a doubt powder coating specialties are the best..
- Rafa R.
★★★★★ They helped me out with several projects both personally and professionally. Great folks to work with!
- Andrew H.
★★★★★ I had a bicycle frame and a tadpole recumbent frame powder coated at Powder Coating Specialties and I am very please with the quality and the price.
- Erik S.
★★★★★ Great service, great price. Can't complain!
- Andrew H.